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putting in contactWelcome to the Southwest Florida Eye Care Optical Shop!

It’s often been said that your eyes are your window to the world. If that’s true, then don’t we want to make sure they have the right frame? Southwest Florida Eye Care presents a broad selection of eyewear for all members of your family. Whether you are looking for good value or the latest fashion, we offer the eyewear in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors.

Visit our optical shops to see the latest in fashion frames!

  20% off your second pair  
Children's Special
  $69 eye exam $139 Frames with polycarbonate lens *18 years and younger. See optical shop for details.  

  Anti-reflective or AR coating
AR coating is placed on eyeglass lenses to decrease glare from lights and the sun. It also reduces reflection on the lens, so your eyes can be seen

Scratch coating
Scratch coating protects your lenses from scratches.

Transitions is a brand name of lenses that darken when outdoors and lighten when indoors. Advancements in technology have improved these lenses tremendously over previous versions.

Polycarbonate lenses
Recommended in all children’s eyeglasses and for active adults, this is the most impact resistant lens you can buy.

High-index lenses are ultra thin lenses, even if you have a very strong prescription.

UV protection
Your eyes need protection from the sun, just like your skin. UV protected lenses are recommended for all eyeglass wearers.

Single vision lens
A single lens which corrects for farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism.

A single lens that corrects for distance vision and one for near (reading) vision. On bifocal lenses, the line dividing the two powers can be seen.

A single lens that corrects for distance, one for arm’s length (such as computer use) and one for near vision (reading). The lines that divides the three powers can be seen.

Progressive lenses
Progressive lenses work like bifocals or trifocals, but without the dividing line. The lens transitions smoothly for natural, uninterrupted vision.

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